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Santa Cruz island: Charles Darwin Research Station, Highlands | Floreana island: Cormorant Point, Post Office Bay, Baroness View Point | Española island: Gardner Bay, Suarez Point | Cristóbal island: Pitt Point, Witch Hill | Lobos Island.

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Santa Cruz island: Charles Darwin Research Station, Highlands | Floreana island: Cormorant Point, Post Office Bay, Baroness View Point | Española island: Gardner Bay, Suarez Point | Cristóbal island: Pitt Point, Witch Hill | Lobos Island.
Enjoy amazing and unexpected encounters with the unique Galapagos wildlife. Meet different types of animals that will open your eyes to species you have never seen before and will never see again! The Biosphere and Marine Reserve team up to offer you abundant wildlife. You can enjoy your journey looking out for incredible land mammals, or peering closely into the ocean to spot beautiful sea creatures. Instead of travelling with a very large amount of people, our small groups will definitely make your nature and cruise experience more intimate and profound while discovering all the beautiful features the Galapagos has to offer. A cruise through the Galapagos Archipelago is a unique experience that you won’t easily forget. The great outdoors of this National Park form an unrivaled destination for wildlife and bird observation.

Itinerary & Travel activities

5 days trip
4 nights
Galapagos islands map for cruises
DAY 1 – Thursday

AM»AM»BaltraArrival at Baltra airport – Transfer to Catamaran

PM»Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Research Station

Home to Galapagos’ main airport, this will be the starting point of your experience aboard the best tour of the Galapagos Islands. A bilingual guide will meet you at the airport and assist you during the transfer onboard Archipel I Catamaran. Welcome  briefing.

Charles Darwin Research Station

Next, you will visit Charles Darwin Station to learn about the conservation efforts and scientific research that has been made to preserve the Galapagos giant tortoise.

DAY 2 – Friday

AM»FloreanaCormorant Point

PM»FloreanaPost Office Bay – FloreanaBaroness View Point
Cormorant Point

Early in the morning head to Floreana Island, first to the Peninsula of Cormorant, where you will be welcomed by a small Galapagos sea lion colony. You will also see a green sand beach that contains olivine crystal, and a flour sand beach made up of finer white coral sand. You may spot stingrays along the shore

Post Office Bay-Baroness View Point
After lunch, we go to Post Office Bay, where you can bring your postcards and post them in the peculiar barrel of this historic site. This place commemorates the improvised mail service that was situated here during the 16th century. End of the day and dinner.
DAY 3 – Saturday

AM»EspañolaGardner Bay

PM»EspañolaSuarez Point
Gardner Bay

Early in the morning head to Gardner Bay at Española Island, that is an important breeding site for pacific green turtles. But the main attraction is the Galapagos sea lion colony.

Suarez Point
 After lunch, head to Suarez Point, a basalt cliff which forms a blowhole where water sprays high into the air, and a spot to see nesting blue footed boobies, and waved albatross. You may take your time to contemplate this emblematic viewpoint form the yacht.
DAY 4 –  Sunday

AM»San CristóbalPitt Point

PM»San CristóbalWitch Hill
Pitt Point

The first activity of the day will be the visit to Pitt Point, which was the first sight of land that Charles Darwin spotted when he first arrived at the Archipelago in 1835. You will see a group of Galapagos sea lions, a male colony. From here you will take a trail that leads up to tropical dry forest vegetation, and after a bit of walking you may spot various species of boobies, such as blue footed, red footed and Nazca boobies.

Witch Hill

After lunch, head to Witch Hill. Its main attraction is a coral sand beach, which is an excellent place to swim and snorkel. This place was one of the first that Darwin visited, and you may also see coastal and migratory birds. Return to the yacht and dinner.

DAY 5 – Monday
AM»San CristóbalLobos Island – Transfer from ship to San Cristóbal airport 
Lobos Island

First activity in the morning will be a visit to Lobos Islet, where a colony of Galapagos sea lions lives, in particular nurturing mothers with their babies. You may also spot male blue footed boobies and great frigate birds. After this activity you will take a shuttle back to San Cristobal Airport, to take your flight back to the continent.

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Excursions to the islands
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ARCHIPEL I Catamaran

The Archipel I offers space and comfort; the stability and speed make this catamaran a perfect partner for the adventure of discovering the Galapagos Islands. This catamaran has 6 cabins (Twins and matrimonial) all in main deck. and 2 cabins with matrimonial beds. All of the cabins have private bathrooms, hot water and air-conditioning. The Archipel I also has a comfortable dining room, TV, DVD, stereo, library, an indoor bar, a bar on the upper deck and a spacious tanning deck with reclining chairs. In addition, all cabins are located on the main deck with an outside view. The boat also has a complete crew including a naturalist guide level III, who has been trained and licensed by the Galapagos National Park at the Charles Darwin Research Station.


Double hulled catamaran


88 Feet


35 Feet

Diving possible:




Chef on board


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  • On day 1 there is only time for an afternoon visit to be included; similarly, on the final day, there is only a brief morning visit. The reason for this is to connect with the Galapagos flight arrivals and departures at the airport.
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