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a True Galapagos Experience
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Discover the Enchanted Islands


The Most Natural Place in the World

a True Galapagos Experience !

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The Galapagos Islands


Unique and exciting multi-day cruises, day trips and diving adventures are yours to experience and enjoy at The Galapagos in the good company of  TripGalapagos Travel Agency experienced  staff members.We offer an impressive array of adventure tours and cruises in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.You would be in excellent company as you discover the wonders of nature in this fine piece of heaven on earth !

There is no shortage of beautiful sights to see in The Galapagos. Witness the rare camaraderie among humans and friendly creatures such as the tortoises, seals and penguins. Exploring the rich aquatic life will be unforgettable as you snorkel among  seals and marine turtles or scuba-dive with whale sharks. The experience of a lifetime awaits for you at the Enchanted Islands.

Remember There is no place like Galapagos….. click here for more information about Galapagos Islands

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